I really appreciate all of the interest and support I had when I shared my morning skincare routine a few months ago, so I wanted to share my evening Routine as well. This post will be a little lengthier because I have more products I work with at night, and that’s also when I like to use various masks to help boost my overall glow.  I think it is important to focus on skincare both at night in the morning, but I find that evenings are when I have more time to really add to my routine and focus on addressing whatever is going on with my skin that week.

As with my AM Routine, I worked with Alison at Eleven Wellness to put together the bulk of my PM skincare routine. I think it’s so important to use products that help you with your long term skin goals, and that compliment the services you are receiving outside the home to maintain and benefit your skin. Because she works with me on a nearly bi-weekly basis and has been the person I have trusted with my skin for the past nine years,  Alison really knows what I need. These products are the ones that I love and trust, and most of them are recommended by her. However, everyone’s skin is different. So if you are able to get in for a consultation with Alison, she will tailor your skincare routine to you, insuring the best result possible!

As some of you noticed as I took you through my AM skincare routine,  I don’t use a face wash. I never have.  I think even those that are the most gentle are too harsh for my skin. I have never had any major skin issues so this practice has clearly worked for me. However, because I usually need to remove makeup or sunscreen from my face in the evening, I use  Ursa Majors natural face wipes  to give my skin a deep clean before I begin my routine. After making sure that my makeup from the day, or more frequently my tinted sunscreen, is removed, Allison recommends I use Revision’s Soothing Facial Rinse to restore, brighten, and even out my skin tone. Because I get frequent microblading facials I don’t exfoliate daily, but when I need a good scrub I like to use Revision’s Finishing Touch Scrub to remove the dead skin cells. I follow that with the Black Mask by Revision to purify my skin or, if I am feeling dry (which happens especially when I travel), I use the Skin Ceuticals Hydrating B5 Mask.

A new addition to my routine is using a Microneedling tool (like this one from BeautyBio) once my face is cleansed but before putting on my serums. It helps repair damage to the skin and helps the serums absorb deeper into the skin. After microneedling, I like to use UBeauty, a resurfacing compound to help even out and hydrate my skin which I top off with The Fitish Dewing It Moisturizer. On alternate evenings I use Revision’s DEJ Night, which has .25% Retinol so my skin can experience, “maximum repair and anti-aging”. I then add DEJ Eye cream or La Bella Figura Under Eye Serum from Follain if I am traveling to add  that extra hydration and the Nectifirm Advanced Neck cream by Revision to keep help smooth out my necklace lines.

The final step in my skincare routine is to use the Dr. Dennis Gross DRX SpectraLite Faceware Pro Red Light Mask. The mask uses LED blue and red light to minimize acne, fine lines, and wrinkles. It also helps rejuvenate the skin by stimulating collagen. I have been using mine for about a year and absolutely love it. It is an investment, but one your skin will thank you for!

You can shop all of the products I use by clicking on the links in the post, or the images below: