Last year I started taking tennis lessons. My boys love to play, and while I knew I would never be the next Serena Williams, I wanted to be able to play with them on the weekends and on vacation. But, another motive for wanting to pick up a racket? The clothes! I love that it’s a sport that has so many chic and comfortable options to look good on and off the court. Here are some of my favorite pieces available under $200, and below are some higher priced items. Many of these pieces I won, or are on my wish list. These would also make great gifts for the tennis enthusiast in your life!


All of these items are $200 or less, most are under $100. Click through to shop!



These items range from $150 and up, so more of a splurge, but all are things I own and recommend or are on my wish list! Click through to shop!