For me, the magic of the Holiday Season is always the most fun when seeing it through a Childs eyes. Here are some gift ideas for the littlest ones they are sure to love and enjoy. I wanted to put together gift ideas that focused on creative activities, togetherness, or getting kinds outside and away from their screens. And the best part, almost every gift is under $50!


For the Little Chef



  1. Virtual Reality Kids Chef Cookbook and Interactive Food Science Set, $41.24
  2. Kids Bake and Create Pizza Kit, $99.95
  3. Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker, $78.72
  4. Childrens Cooking Knives Set, $10.95
  5. Chef Coat and Hat Set, $29
  6. Kids DIY Garden Kit, $34.95
  7. Rainbow Pop-up Cake Kit, $59.95


For the little artist



  1. Little Artist EZ Easel, $116.99
  2. Home Pottery Kit, $89
  3. Make Your Own Neon Sign, $19.50
  4. Color Your Own Christmas Pajama Set, $22.80
  5. Full Art 101 Set, $27.92
  6. Hey Clay-Make Your Own Alien, $19.95
  7. Create Your Own Comic Book Kit, $30


Gifts to get them Outside



  1. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Kit, $12.50
  2. Fujifilm Insta Max Camera, $69
  3. Outdoor Science Lab, $29
  4. Razor A Kid Scooter, $39.59
  5. Backpack Explorer: On the Nature Trail, $9.69
  6. Drone for exploring the outdoors, $127.49
  7. Ninjaline Intro Kit, $74.99