When I was twelve years old my mother took me to the Clinique Counter at Nordstrom and bought me a skincare kit. While it wasn’t as fancy as the creams she used, it was the perfect way to introduce a  preteen girl to the importance of skincare. I will be forever grateful for this experience, because it was the first step on a lifetime path of valuing my skin and being aware of not only how I treat it, but what I put on it as well. That same year my mother also introduced me to my favorite form of skin care, facials. I soon began getting facials on a regular basis, making that form of care and relaxation a necessary and regular part of my skin-care routine.

Almost immediately following my trip to the Clinique Counter, taking care of my skin became a priority.  As a result, but not surprisingly, I frequently receive compliments about my skin. I have been hesitant, however, to post about my skincare regimen because I have been introducing new products into my routine and I always want to use them for at least a month before I recommend them to others. I have finally found products and a routine about which I am excited  and I am eager to share more about them with you.

The foundation of my skincare routine involves products recommended by my esthetician, Alison Tohlen. She is my go-to girl who I have been seeing  since I moved to Dallas eight years ago.  Because she sees me so often, and is so knowledgeable about skincare generally, and my skin particularly, I trust her recommendations implicitly. (I will link the products below.  If you are in Dallas, I highly recommend stopping in to Eleven Wellness to see Alison to discuss your skin’s needs, as well as purchase the products that she recommends just for you!) I recognize that the cost of many of these products are on the high end of the skincare spectrum, but I firmly believe that it’s important to invest in your skin.

As I take you through my skincare routine, you will notice  (I am sure this will make Alison cringe) that I don’t use a face wash.  I never have.  I think even those that are the most gentle are too harsh for my skin. I have never had any major skin issues so this practice has clearly worked for me. In those instances when I do feel my face needs a deep clean, for example post workout, I will use a light wipe (I love Ursa Majors natural face wipes) before I begin my routine.  Otherwise I always start my skincare routine with a toner.  Alison suggests beginning with Revision’s Soothing Facial Rinse to restore the PH level in my skin.  

Next, at Alison’s recommendation, I use one of the strongest and most innovative Vitamin C serums on the market. She loves Revisions C+Correcting Vitamin C because it,  “stimulates collagen, hydrates the dermis, fights off pollution while lightening the brown spots that come with age”.  While the Revision Vitamin C serum is my go to, I also love Drunk Elephant’s Vitamin C serum and will use it one or two days a week. I also use their B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum in place of the Vitamin C Serum if I am traveling and feeling dry.

Recently, I have also been adding Opalens Face Serum after my vitamin c serum in order to get a natural glow. I love that it gives me a light sun-kissed glow without damaging my skin because it contains ingredients like CBD, watermelon extract and peptides it also functions as a form of skincare in addition to being a self tanner designed specifically for the face.  After applying my daily serums, I follow up with a light weight moisturizer from Biopelle to help hydrate and regenerate new cell growth. I also use Revision’s Nectifirm to help with my neck and decollate.  Of course the last step in my skincare routine is applying sunscreen. If I am going to be doing activities in the sun, or am putting on makeup, I use Elta MD Clear 46 which Alison recommends. It provides incredible coverage. Otherwise, if I will be makeup free, I wear Isdin Photo tinted sunscreen SPF 50. To make sure I stay sun damage free throughout the day I carry Colorescience powder sunscreen with me, and have an extra brush in my car to make reapplying easy throughout the day.

I was also recently introduced to Fitish by Jenna Owens and have fallen in love with the brand’s Tone Down Spray, lip gloss, Dewing It Lotion, and body lotion.  This CBD infused skincare line is magic. The cooling spray not only keeps my makeup in place all day, it has gotten rid of terrible rashes on my ultra-sensitive skinned boys in a matter of days. I have started using it on everything!  The lip gloss is the only one I have ever tried that has kept my lips hydrated all day and the body lotion has helped with the red pumps on the back of my arms. So this is definitely a product line worth mixing into your skincare routine, I am so happy I did!

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