“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dates all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.” – Agatha Christie

I love spending a holiday celebrating the many wonderful mothers in my life, especially my own. Motherhood is overwhelming, amazing, exhausting and thrilling all at the same time. There is nothing quite like it! Becoming a mother, myself has made me even more grateful for mine. Not only did she raise me with an abundance of love and grace, she has made me someone who is sure of and happy with myself, and she did it all with a good sense of humor. Being a mother now I realize how hard it can be to raise children, and I try to remind mine to be “brave, honest, and kind” every day. I hope my mother knows how grateful I am on mother’s day, and every day. I put together a few gift guides to help you celebrate the special mothers in your life.

For The Glam Mom

Sometimes the most glamorous women can be the hardest to shop for. I suggested some of my favorite things, and some things I wouldn’t mind receiving as well…

  1. A beautiful pair of silk pajamas for her to lounge in
  2. A lovely Hermès watch
  3. A Slip silk sleep set to keep her skin and hair on point no matter her age
  4. A Le Labo gift set for her to take with her when she’s on the go
  5. A round beaded clutch which is unique and oh so fun
  6. A beautiful bracelet that is simple yet gorgeous
  7. One of my favorite candles (smells amazing and lasts forever)
  8. A rose gold brush set to elevate her beauty game
  9. A margarita caddy that is stylish and useful (especially by the pool)
  10. A fun gift set from Maggie Louise that looks good and tastes delicious

For The New Mom

I thought back on things I would have loved to have received as a new mom. While I think gifts for the baby are lovely, it’s always nice for a new mom to receive gifts that are just for her. It’s important to make her feel special, relaxed, and pampered. I suggest:

  1. This diamond necklace with her child’s name or initial is stunning and sentimental without being kitschy
  2. This body scrub smells amazing and it works – it is sure to leave her feeling relaxed and refreshed
  3. This set from Beauty Bio feels like a facial every day
  4. I love this is sweet, simple, and sentimental bracelet. It once again gives the new mom a personalized feel without being cheesy
  5. A cozy loungewear set is always useful for a new mom and this one is a favorite of mine. I would wear it every day if I could!
  6. I think a good night’s rest is a priority for any new mom and this set is sure to help! I love falling asleep with a this warm neck pillow and eye mask set
  7. A new mom always needs coffee – this beautiful French press will make her morning cup of coffee a little more glamorous
  8. This beautiful Mother and Child coffee table book is sweet and chic
  9. As a new mom I always wanted to eat healthy but had a hard time finding the time. This juicer will help her make simple healthy smoothies and juices!
  10. I printed so many photos of my boys as babies and therefore, was always in need of a chic picture frame to share the photos. I LOVE this one. It’s definitely on my list this year
  11. I think that birthstones are a wonderful way to celebrate your child. I love these aquamarine earrings because they are simple, beautiful, and well priced (they come in other birthstones as well)
  12. So many new moms are up and down at night with their little ones, and a cozy pair of slippers can help keep her warm when she’s up and about the house

For Grandma

It’s so important not to forget our Grandmothers on Mother’s Day. Here are some gifts to make them feel special and appreciated:

  1. I love gifting my mom and MIL gifts that they can do with the kids. How chic is this pasta set from Dolce and Gabbana
  2. This coordinate bracelet is so chic, and sentimental yet subtle (you can customize it with the coordinates of your childs birth location on there)
  3. A custom family portrait is sure to please any grandmother
  4. What grandmother wouldn’t love a cozy new sweater with a sweet message?
  5. I love the idea of gifting a birthstone necklace, and this one is beautiful and well priced
  6. A good serving bowl always makes a good gift, and this one is simple and stunning
  7. I can’t think of a more perfect Mother’s Day Book than this cookbook from Jacques Pepin, Menus: A Book for Your Meals and Memories
  8. These chic house shoes are perfect for the “Queen Bee” in your life
  9. I have been loving Tata Harpers skincare products lately, and this set is sure to please the Grandmother who loves beauty products
  10. This jade roller is beautiful and effective. It is such a fun little something for the beauty junkie grandma
  11. I love this letter keepsake box. It’s beautiful and sentimental!

For The Busy Mom

We all know a mom who is always on the go! Here are some gifts to help her with her busy lifestyle:

  1. The Google Home Hub: It allows you to control all of your smart devices in one place
  2. This jeweled water bottle is beautiful, but more importantly the crystals will help keep her calm and centered
  3. The apple watch will track her movements and keep her organized. I am obsessed with mine!
  4. This yoga mat will fold itself, and plays workouts she can listen to with her smartphone – it will definitely simplify anyone’s life
  5. This one step hair dryer and styler will definitely make her getting ready routine quicker and simpler
  6. A good pair of leggings to workout in, or wear around town. I always love a good pair from Bandier
  7. These headphones are wireless and stay put no matter what kind of workout she is doing
  8. This camera will print your photos for you, so she can have all of her memories printable at her fingertips
  9. My Hypervolt has been a lifesaver. If she is on the go, she will definitely appreciate something that will help her recover
  10. The Instant Pot simplifies and speeds up your meal time routines – any busy mom is sure to appreciate it