I know I speak for most women by saying that the day the one-piece made its comeback, an applause could be heard around the world. I personally have never been the kind of girl who loved running around in a bikini. After all, the stomach is the most vulnerable part of your body where the carb predators tend to attackā€¦so perhaps it is merely a primal fear of mine. This also might be due to the fact that a lot of women tend to carry their extra weight in this part of the body. Either way, the one piece is a trend I am happy to embrace with arms open. And thanks to the likes of Vogue, Elle and other glossy publications, there is an extensive assortment of swoon worthy styles.

Here are a few of my favorites to get you pool prepped this summer:

My Favorite One Piece Swimsuits:

My Favorite Cover-Ups:

My Favorite Beach Bags: