I have started using Valentines Day as an excuse to celebrate the ones I love, especially the little ones. While this holiday began as a way to focus on romantic relationships I believe it has come to mean so much more. Having kids has given a new meaning to the holiday for me, and I always like to get them something fun to help them feel like they are a part of the celebration. Here are some ideas to help you celebrate your little ones:

Little Girl Gift Ideas

  1. Whitney Dress from Dondolo, $68
  2. Dough Parlour Valentine Gift Set, $40
  3. Hart+Land Cherry Heart Pajamas, $50
  4. Pink Vanity Case, $150
  5. Paris Apron, $28
  6. Micro Kickboard Mini, $119

Little Boy Gift Ideas

  1. Snoopy Valentine Sheet Set, $129
  2. Mercedes Ride on Car, $449
  3. Veja Toddler Shoes, $95
  4. Slime Kit, $24.95
  5. Toddler Valentine Gift Set, $50
  6. Petit Plume Bathrobe, $58