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Ndali Lodge is a beautiful family run lodge located above the Crater Lake Nyinambuga. Each guest stays in their own private cottage but gathers together for mealtime and leisure time as well. Aubrey does an incredible job of making each guest feel welcome and at home on this stunning property. While staying there we learned that in 2013 the lodge built a nursery school for 90 local children, and they continue to support education initiatives throughout the region. We love being a part of a place that puts so much thought and effort into making the local community better.


Chimpanzee Habituation

While the gorillas are the primary draw for tourists to Uganda, a visit with the Chimpanzees is certainly not to be missed. Our guide tried to prepare us for the experience, but it was more incredible than we imagined. As you hike and search for them it seems like they might not ever appear, and then all of a sudden, you will hear the crackling of the tree branches above. When you look up through the trees and begin to get a glimpse it looks more and more exciting, but it’s once the Chimps start to descend that it becomes an intimate and amazing experience. They come down quickly, and it feels very much like a scene from “Planet of the Apes” as the trees crack and they swing down one by one. You are able to spend an hour with them if you do the regular guided hikes, but if you do the habituation you are able to spend all day and it is worth it to watch the way they interact with each other and with you.

Bigodi Swamp Guided Walk

This was a wonderful opportunity to see some of the other primates and wildlife in the area, as well as interact with local farmers. It’s a much more leisurely hike than the ones through the forest to see the chimpanzees so it serves as a great warm up to get acclimated.


All meals were provided by Ndali. We loved eating breakfast on the terrace overlooking the lake and enjoyed three course meals every evening. At least once during your stay Aubrey and his wife like to get the guests together for a family style meal. It’s a wonderful way to get to know the other guests on the property as well as learn more about the history of the estate and the country of Uganda.


Look out for the fire ants during your hikes! They are brutal and if you aren’t looking out for them you can be covered in them very quickly so make sure you keep an eye on the ground.

While it’s important to look down for fire ants you also need to look up to make sure none of the primates or chimps relieve themselves on you… It’s a hazard of the hike but worth the risk!