I have to admit I am a fan of Valentines Day. I know that it is a manufactured holiday full of kitschy and cheesy cards and gifts, but I love any excuse to celebrate love. Here are some non-cheesy and fun gift idea for everyone on your list. Click on the images or descriptions below to shop:

For Your Galentines

I honestly enjoy “Galentines” more than Valentines. It is such a great excuse to show your friends how much you appreciate them. Here are some cute ideas sure to please all of your Galentines:

  1. Rose Quartz Facial Sculptor, $58
  2. Kiss Me Lips Candle Set, $40
  3. Fenty Lip Gloss, $25
  4. Lip Face Mask, $36
  5. Heart Throb Lounge Pants, $80
  6. Hot Lip Makeup Bag, $62
  7. Ice Globe Facial Massagers, $54

For Kids

I love to celebrate my kids on Valentines day with something small and fun. Here are some cute ideas for your littlest Valentines.

  1. The Softest and Coziest Heart Pajamas, $50
  2. Colorful Crayon Set, $20.00
  3. Sing Along Blue Tooth Microphone, $38.99
  4. Heart Print Rain Boots, $34.62
  5. Candy Skateboard Deck, $60
  6. Pucker Up Candy Set, $24

For Her

Here are some classic gift ideas reimagined in fun colors and modern styles.

  1. A piece of jewelry is always a wonderful Valentine’s Day Gift, $660
  2. A handbag in a fun and festive color she is sure to carry all year long, $890
  3. Instead of candy why not candy smelling perfume? $96.00
  4. Comfy Pajamas have been a go to for most of us this year, why not help her update her set with a new pair, $78.00
  5. A new pair of sneakers with just a touch of pink, $160
  6. Sparkling Rosè Bears are a fun alternative to the classic Valentines Day Candy, $36
  7. Support your local florist by purchasing her a bouquet that will brighten her day!

For Her Luxury Edition

We tend to keep things simple for Valentine’s Day, but if you want to go big here are some amazing options:

  1. The best lipstick, $62.50
  2. My favorite bag, $2750
  3. A ruby and diamond ring, $3,200
  4. A pair of fun and festive sunglasses, $450
  5. A Love Bracelet is so fitting for Valentine’s Day, $9,895
  6. A statement bag, $2750
  7. A sexy pair of high heels, $750

For Him

  1. Mens Dress Shirt, $28
  2. Personalized Handwritten Cufflinks, $68
  3. AirPods Pro Case, $35
  4. Takeout Dice (to stop all of those arguments about what to order), $28.38
  5. Theragun Mini, $199
  6. Cupid Boxers, $24.50
  7. Indoor S’mores Fire Kit, $175
  8. Cloud Running Shoes, $129.95