I am so excited to be partnering with The PilatesBarre to giveaway a 5 class pack to three lucky winners. I have fallen in love with The PilatesBarre over the last few months, and I am thrilled that three people are going to have the chance to experience everything that they have to offer. The giveaway rules and information are all posted on Instagram, but I wanted to take the time to explain why I enjoy their classes so much, and why I know you will too!

A few months ago, The PilatesBarre invited me to come in and try a class. While I had always heard great things, I had never taken a pilates class that felt like a true workout before. Within minutes of the class starting I was shaking, sweating, and it felt so amazing, I was hooked….

The classes are done on the BarreFormer, but they also bring in strength training and cardio elements to make it feel like a well rounded workout. I always leave sore, happy, and eager to come back. I love being able to feel and see the improvements I’m making in each class, and leave knowing I am getting stronger. I do strength training outside of my time at The PilatesBarre as well, and I can feel the difference my growing core strength is making there too. It’s amazing how much the work you put in at the barre can help you outside of it.

It also helps that all of the staff and instructors at The PilatesBarre are so kind and helpful. Each one adds their own spin to their classes and their own exercises so they each challenge you in a different way. I have been taking a lot of Cayla and Jourdan’s classes at their Devonshire location and they incorporate different styles and orders to their classes so that I’m always on my toes, and it keeps me from ever being bored. The classes are also small enough that the instructors are able to help you make adjustments to ensure you are doing the moves correctly to get the most benefit and avoid injuries.


I could go on and on about why I think that The PilatesBarre is so great but I think it’s best you experience it for yourself. Stay tuned for a chance to sweat with me there, and in the meantime head to their website and sign up for a class!

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