Sometimes the men in our lives can be the hardest to shop for. My husband is particularly difficult to find a good gift for, so I put together some gifts that are sure to please your favorite guys, and your favorite adventurers:

Gifts For Him


  1. The Apple AirPod Pros are at the top of everyone’s list this year, and sure to please anyone on your list. $249
  2. These Royale Nero Sneakers are beautiful and comfortable. Perfect for the fashionable guy on the go. $179
  3. This Columbia Sportswear Down Jacket is stylish yet warm, and has a hood for a rainy day. $160
  4. This Hi-Fi Wireless Speaker is useful and so sleek looking. It’s also a great price $49
  5. The Portable Full HD Smart Home Theater is an amazing tech gift, and allows you to have a movie night anywhere! $596.99
  6. A cashmere sweater is a chic and classic gift! $150
  7. This extreme leather passport cover is gorgeous and perfect for the Jetsetter in your life $180
  8. This digital camera looks vintage and is compact. I love the style and the functionality. $429

For The Adventurer

  1. A yeti cooler for his next camping trip $199
  2. An Apple Watch to help him keep track of all of his workouts and stay connected on the go $384
  3. Packing Cubes to make it even easier to prep for his next adventure $64
  4. The Bucket List Book to help him choose the perfect destination for his next trip $35
  5. A Waterproof Backpack to keep all of his gear dry $80
  6. Salt Smoke Time: Homesteading Techniques for a Modern Kitchen $20.49

Stocking Stuffers 

  1. A Jack Black Shaving Set, $49
  2. A Portable Espresson Machine, $49.95
  3. A succulent Garden, $35.00
  4. A 5 in 1 Travel Adapter, $35.00
  5. Movie Geek Trivia Game, $22.50