This summer, Caroline, a friend of mine reached out to let me know that she would be working with Follain at their soon to open store in Dallas. Needless to say, I was thrilled. I had heard nothing but amazing things about the brand and was excited that a place focused on clean beauty would now be nearby. At the boutique’s grand opening I was able to discuss my love of all things beauty as well as my skincare obsession with their founder Tara Foley. Tara was so lovely and knowledgeable. The path that led her to becoming a beauty company founder started with a blog! The truth is, we sometimes overlook what we put on our face, or into it, in the name of vanity, but we don’t have to. So after a few months of using their products I wanted to share some of my top favorites with you all. I would never recommend anything I don’t use or love, so you know that this is the good stuff. But if there happens to be a store nearby you I would highly recommend popping in to talk with their them of experts about what is the best fit for you and your skin regimen.